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Toddler Tech (2 year olds)

TODDLER TECH-cookieToddler Tech is a fun, engaging classroom for children who are two years of age by September 1.

The class provides students with a daily schedule which includes periods of free play, snack time, circle time, featuring songs and poems, story reading, and a review of a daily calendar and weather observations.  All students participate in these activities that develop pre-reading skills, awareness of environment, and social interaction.

Students also participate in a daily activity such as coloring, painting or craft making.  Everyday includes an indoor or outdoor recess, and depending on a student’s schedule, lunch, and nap time.

TODDLER TECH-paintIn both structured and non-structured learning, we review colors, counting, shapes, responsibility, and getting along with others.  A daily activity paper is sent home to provide parents with some information on their child’s activities and progress for the day.