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Pre-K (4 year olds)

PRE-K -pumpkinOur Pre-K program is a motivating and enjoyable program for children that are four years of age by September 1.

Each week, the class focuses on a theme, letter, number, shape, and color.  We work on recognizing numbers 1-20, counting to 100, lowercase and capital letters, and basic phonics skills.  We sing songs, play games, practice writing, and read books that focus on our weekly theme. Art and small/large motor activities are a fun part of our day.  We also have a Bible story each week and look for God in our daily activities.  Monthly calendars are posted and sent home to keep parents aware of the children’s upcoming lessons and special activities.

PRE-K-applesauceSocial skills are another important part of our Pre-K days.  We respect our friends, share, and show kindness to everyone. The children are encouraged to be a “Good Citizen” by helping and encouraging others.  We strive to become more independent and responsible while preparing for Kindergarten.  Indoor and outdoor activities are provided for children to have opportunities to work and play individually and in groups.