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Name: Melissa Fornwalt
M.S. Early Childhood Studies: Administration, Walden University
B.S. Elementary Education, Slippery Rock University



Teeny Tots Team:

Rebecca Conner
Position: Teeny Tots Head Teacher
Education: A.A. in Early Childhood Education
Start date: November 2014

Assistant Teachers:
Maggie Custer
Megan Woolcock


Tiny Tots Team:


Name: Michelle Woolcock
Position: Tiny Tots Head Teacher
Start Date: May 2017

Assistant Teacher:
Andrew Della Piazza



Toddler Tech Team:

Name: Annissa Roberts
Position: Toddler Tech Head Teacher
Education: A.A. Physical Therapy, Penn State
Start date: December 2014

Assistant Teachers:
Kristen Lloyd
Cailyn Pfleegor


Preschool A Team:

Name: Marissa Woolcock
Position: Preschool A Head Teacher
Education: B.S. in Communications, Bloomsburg, University; DHS & STARS Certification
Start Date: August 2008

Assistant Teachers:
Katrina Hopper
Beth Davis


Preschool B Team:

Name: Cheryl Kessler
Position: Preschool B Head Teacher
Education: B.S. in Education, Bloomsburg University; 35 years of teaching experience at Warrior Run School District
Start date: August 2011

Assistant Teacher:
Sandy Neeb


Pre-K A Team:

Name: Dorie Burke
Position: Pre-K A Teacher
Education: A.A. Early Childhood Education, Ft. Wayne Bible College
Start Date: September 1999

Assistant Teacher:
Amber Williams



Pre-K B Team:

Name: Becky Haney
Position: Pre-K B Head Teacher
Education: M.S. Education, East Stroudsburg University
B.S. Elementary Education, East Stroudsburg University
Start date: December 2014

Assistant Teacher:
Cathy Dressel


Floater/Substitute Team:

Jessica Uslin
Courtney Barnes
Jayne Deecki
Darlene Diltz, Assistant