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Faculty & Staff

Head of School

Mr. Dan Thompson
Head of School

email:  dthompson@ccchristianschool.com


Mrs. Stephanie Alessi
School Secretary

email:  salessi@ccchristianschool.com

Mr. Robert Gennaria
Business Manager

email:  rgennaria@ccchristianschool.com 

Mrs. Lois Koran
Admissions and Enrollment Coordinator

email:  lkoran@ccchristianschool.com


Faculty/Teaching Staff

Mrs. Treva Hutchison 
Kindergarten Teacher

e-mail:  thutchisonccchristianschool.com

Miss Rebecca Watkins 
1st Grade Teacher

e-mail:  rwatkins@ccchristianschool.com

Mrs. Cheryl Kline 
2nd Grade Teacher

e-mail: ckline@ccchristianschool.com


Mr. John Coymen 
3rd Grade Teacher

e-mail: jcoymen@ccchristianschool.com

Miss Nicole Hoffman
4th Grade Teacher

e-mail:  nhoffman@ccchristianschool.com

Mrs. Antonina Albrecht
5th Grade Teacher

email:  aalbrecht@ccchristianschool.com

Faculty – Middle School/High School


Mrs. Heather Bang
MS English, History, and Yearbook

email:  hbang@ccchristianschool.com

Mrs. Tare Batiuk
MS Math


Mr. Jim Cughan
MS/HS Bible and History

email:  jcughan@ccchristianschool.com

Mrs. Melanie Della Piazza 
MS/HS English

e-mail:  mdellapiazza@ccchristianschool.com

Mrs. Nancy Hrinda 
MS/HS Science

e-mail:  nhrinda@ccchristianschool.com

Mr. Rick Kline 
HS Math & Science

e-mail:  rkline@ccchristianschool.com


Special Staff/Faculty

Mr. Chris Barnes
Information Technology

email:  cbarnes@ccchristianschool.com

Mrs. Carolyn Culley
Music/Drama, K-12

email:  cculley@ccchristianschool.com

Mrs. Jessica Cunningham
Spanish Teacher, K-12

email:  jcunningham@ccchristianschool.com


Mr. Gary Fritz
Athletic Director/PE

email:  gfritz@ccchristianschool.com


Mrs. Amber Kramer
Teachers Aide

email:  skramer@ccchristianschool.com


Mrs. Dennette Yarnell
Learning Support 

email:  dyarnell@ccchristianschool.com


Mrs. Kimberly Pope
Kitchen Aide/Lunchroom

email:  kpope@ccchristianschool.com

Mrs. Desiree Runkle
Art Teacher, K-12

email:  drunkle@ccchristianschool.com

Mrs. Megan Stotler
Kitchen Supervisor

email:  mstotler@ccchristianschool.com

Mrs. Staci Thompson
Librarian, Elementary Chapel

e-mail:  sthompson@ccchristianschool.com

Mr. Garrett Yohey
Computer Teacher

email:  gyohey@ccchristianschool.com