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As with everything, CCCS exists to bring glory to God. We believe strongly that we do that by strengthening the minds of our students. Therefore, academics are a top priority at Columbia County Christian School. It is our goal that every student would be appropriately challenged and stretched. Through the guiding of the Holy Spirit, the Apostle Paul wrote that we would be able to know the will of God when we had renewed our minds (Rom. 12:2). It is our desire to be a key tool in the hands of the Spirit as He renews the minds of our students. Our elementary school has small classes that focus on fundamentals using a Biblically based curriculum that integrates Christ-likeness into every aspect of the students’ work. The result is a school that consistently outranks the national average on every measured category of the standardized tests. In fact, in most categories our class average scores were above the 70th percentile, with some of our top performing class being above the 90th percentile.

It is not our goal that students simply survive the challenges of middle school, but that they thrive and begin to form the bonds of friendship that will build the memories they have for the rest of their lives.  Academically, math and language arts continue to be the center of attention while the Biblically-based natural and social science curricula expand so that our students learn to understand God’s world correctly.  These core subjects are supplemented with special classes in art, music, drama, computers, PE, and foreign language.  Students are encouraged to share their gifts with others through concerts, dramatic performances, and student Praise Band.

High school students are stretched and challenged by a college preparatory curriculum taught from a distinctively Christian perspective.  Small classes are taught by caring professionals.  A science lab and new computer lab support advanced classes like calculus, chemistry, physics, and comparative religion.  English classes stress writing and literature in addition to grammar, and history is seen as the story of God’s redemptive work among mankind.