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Photo Gallery

Elementary Boys Basketball team with coach David Hutchison

Back Row 5th Graders:  Trent, Drew, Daniel, Nathan   Front Row 4th Graders:  Connor, Ethan, Lawson, Paul, Luke

Elementary Boys Basketball Team

Elementary Girls Basketball Team with coach Jenna Shelhamer
Back Row 5th Graders:  Sophia, McKaylee, Rayelle, Natalie
Front Row 4th Graders:  Anna, Bethany, Hazlee, Kara

elem girls team

Mrs. Kline’s 2nd Grade Class at Lake Tobias

group pic DSC02570a DSC02580a DSC02582a DSC02604a DSC02607a DSC02608a DSC02615ab DSC02616a DSC02619a DSC02621a

Logan and his Donkey, Jeckle













3rd Grade Maple Sugaring 2015







Spirit Week 2015



spirit 2


Mrs. Hutchison’s Kindergarten class pose in front of the Veteran’s Day bulletin board they made.

kidergarten vet day

The first graders from Columbia County Christian School visited the Catawissa Senior Center.

Front Row:  Lydia, Liya   Second Row: Emily, Willa, Rachael, Olivia, Naudia , Makayla, Hannah   Third Row:   Lyman, Luke, Alyssa, Alyssa, Allyson, Elizabeth, Emma, Gianna, Sofia   Last Row:    Miss Watkins (teacher), Ashleigh

1st grade sr center

Some second graders from Mrs Kline’s class at Columbia County Christian School show their Christopher Columbus project.
Back row:  Ave, Lexie, John    Front row:  Jillian, Brooke, Amanda

2nd grade christopher columbus

Miss Hoffman’s fifth grade class completed a “Geology Museum”.  Each specimen was examined then categorized according to minerals, rocks, or fossils. The class was amazed at the beauty that God has created for us to study!

5th grade geoloty museum

Mr. Coymen’s third graders from Columbia County Christian School made 3-D models of flowers and labeled all the flower parts.  Back row:  Elizabeth , Moxley, ChristopherFront row:  Evan, Matthew and Jaksen

coymen 3rd grade

Kindergarteners from Mrs. Hutchison’s class do their science experiment. Students from left to right: Heather, Wyatt, Pierce, Maycie, and Carson.

 They learned to predict if an object would float or sink. The class did testing to see if their prediction was true or false.

kindergarten science

A fireman from the Buckhorn Fire Department demonstrates to students at Columbia County Christian School how to be safe in a burning house.

buckhorn fire dept

See You At The Pole was recently held at Columbia County Christian School. The high school students that led this event were (from left to right) Amanda , Cortlyn, Kaitlyn, and Ian

see you at the pole

Mrs. Kline’s second graders show their mouse craft after the class read Walter the Lazy Mouse by Marjorie Flack.

Back row: John, Ave, Claire, Lily, and Amanda  Front row: Lexie, Gracie, Brooke, and Grace

2nd grade mouse project

Columbia County Christian School Student Council members: Lydia, Cortlyn  (President), David , and Noah .

Mr. Rick Kline is the advisor.

council members

The Service Club at Columbia County Christian School shows their Christmas boxes.  Back Row: Tyler, Meredith, Bryce, Abi, Joshua, Lily, and Jason  Front Row: Kari, Izzy, Natalie, and Lindsey    Mrs. Bang is the advisor of the Service Club.

Service Club shoe box 

The high school art class was honored to have the guest artist, Ibiyinka Alao,  Nigerian U.N. Ambassodor of Art for Peace.

Spirit Squad members from Columbia County Christian School are Back row: Carlie, Amanda, Caroline, Emily, Sarah, Julia Miller Front row: Celeste, Lexi, Julia, and Maddie

Spirit Squad

The fourth graders from Columbia County Christian School traveled to the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg.

Fourth Grade Farm Show


Students from CCCS’s 4th, 6th & 12th grades were invited to attend this ceremony in Danville, PA on Nov. 6, 2014.  Mr. Thompson (head of school), Mrs. Bang (Middle School English/History teacher) and Miss Shifflett (4th Grade teacher) also attended the tree cutting ceremony.

rockefeller christmas tree

t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 rock pic 2 rock pic 3 rock pic 4 rock pic 5

2014 Kindergarten Graduation

2014 Kindergarten Graduation2014 Kindergarten Graduation

2014 Kindergarten Graduation2014 Kindergarten Graduationgrad 72014 Kindergarten Graduation

DSC_1257 DSC_1271 DSC_1301 DSC_1305 DSC_1318 DSC_1322 DSC_1331 DSC_1333 DSC_1336

2014 Spring Concert

2014 Spring Concert spring concert 2014 3 spring concert 2014 4 spring concert 2014 5 spring concert 2014 6 spring concert 2014

3rd Grade Watermelon Puppet Theatre

3 ps 3 3ps 2 3rd ps

2014 – 3rd Grade Geography Fair

3rd grade geography fair 2 3rd grade geography fair 3 3rd grade geography fair 4 3rd grade geography fair 5 3rd grade geography fair 6 3rd grade geography fair 7 3rd grade geography fair

Cast & Crew of “The Music Man”

cast  and crew of The Music Man

2014 Race For Education

race 4 ed 3 race for ed 1 race for ed 2 race for ed 4 race for ed 5 race for ed 6

2013 Christmas Concert

2013 Christmas Concert2013 Christmas Concert