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Board Members

The CCCS Board is composed of nine Directors elected to rotating three year terms.  All Directors are chosen from among the members of our Association.

Board meetings are open to all and generally meet at 7:30 pm at the school on the third Tuesday of the month.  NOTE:  Confirmed dates/times each month are advertised in the Weekly Star.  Anyone interested in addressing the school board is asked to contact the Board President or the Head of School in order to be added to the meeting agenda.  Suggestions for Board action can be given to any of the Directors listed below.

  • Walter Minto,  Board President
  • Mike Runkle, Board Vice President
  • Aaron Kline, Board Treasurer
  • Aaron Slusser, Board Secretary
  • Katie Defibaugh
  • Jennifer Cughan
  • Lois Koran
  • John George
  • Corrie Yocum

Bylaws of Columbia County Christian School Association